Innovation Meets Decarbonization: The potential of the HYFLEXPOWER project to reduce global carbon emissions

The Executive Vice President Generation at Siemens Energy, Karim Amin, published an article via LinkedIn on how our project will allow for progress in the use of hydrogen to decarbonise power generation.

” We are seeing rapidly increasing renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, coming into power grids. But while this is certainly great for the environment, on their own, they do not offer the resiliency and security power networks require. What happens if the wind stops blowing or skies are cloudy? When energy from renewable sources outstrips demand, however, it can be used to create green hydrogen. Termed ‘power-to-X-to-power’, or, in this case, power-to-H2-to-power, hydrogen offers a storage solution for renewable energy, as it can be converted back into electricity using gas turbines when required. When hydrogen is used to create electricity by combining it with oxygen from the air, there is zero impact on the environment with the only emission being water.”